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“Thank you, Mopileola, for this timely text at a time like this. “This book was not what I expected it to be (having read other texts on the same subject), but it was all I needed it to be. Every minute spent reading this book was worth it.

Dr. Oluwadamilare Adekanye

General Practitioner, Lagos, Nigeria

"Quick Thoughts and Rating: it's 5 stars for the book, "5 Steps to Create the Life You Desire. Wisdom for Goal Accomplishment"! “I cannot imagine how challenging it would be to tackle the subject of life challenges,...

Engr. Titus Olowokere

President, US-AFRICA Trade Council. Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. https://www.usafricatrade.org

“The e-book, 'The Good Father' brings alive [via a deep but clear expose] God's original plan for the society through successful 'fathering'. The word 'Homosapien' in Latin means 'wise man'. The word 'Man', in its original Greek context connotes...

Pastor Moses Adekanye

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.<br>

“5 Steps to Create the Life You Desire’ by Mopileola Amusu is the very first e-book read by me. My personal preference are hard copy books, allowing me the luxury to write notes of my of my thoughts and learnings ...

Olufunke Williams

Science Teacher, London, UK

“5 Steps to Create the Life You Desire: Wisdom for Goal Accomplishment” is inspirational, life-changing, and powerful. It recommends goal setting as extremely important in an individual’s life.

H.E. Prof Nabhit Kapur, Psy.D.

Founder, Peacefulmind Foundation. New Delhi, India.

"The premise of ‘5 Steps to Create the Life You Desire’ is that the average person deals with life’s challenges without a concrete framework and strategy. This approach creates a treadmill effect where one works much but gets nowhere.

Fasilat Ransome-Kuti

Tax Specialist, Lagos, Nigeria