5 Steps to Create the Life you Desire


Whether in school, project management, performance management as an employee, or in your quest for personal development, you must have learnt the SMART model for goal setting. This e-book disrupts that model! It is a practical guide with a life-changing purpose for living your best life.

Not many decisions in life can be set in stone. With more information, in changing circumstances, as you mature and evolve, your desires will likely change! At every stage of goal pursuit, allow yourself to ‘review, reset and restart’.

Goal setters are innovative disruptors, boundary crossers with little regard for the status quo. Boldly, with confidence, they expand safety nets, fuse old and new, sometimes tweak what already works to suit their purpose, at other times reinvent the wheel, never sure if their idea will work but will risk it anyway because of a compelling ‘Why?‘!

Your purchase 0f this e-book includes a free ‘My Goal Accomplishment Work Book”

This workbook is your own personal guide to set multi-dimensional goals, paste images as constant reminders, plan for, and become the highest version of yourself in the next 12 months!”