People Management


‘Many of the reasons for which businesses fail are related to wrong choices made at the top level. This is often the result of dearth of knowledge of, or insensitivity to prevailing circumstances regarding the customer, the market, the business environment, or industry, and especially, the team charged with the responsibility to generate business success. Leadership is perhaps the most daunting, challenging part of entrepreneurship. One of the reasons businesses slip towards decline and fail is poor people management skills.

‘With the advent of numerous technological advancements and the vast – and continuously expanding – capabilities of the World Wide Web, the balance of power has shifted toward the skilled worker. The Human Resource Management [HRM]focus of businesses, big and small, should thus be to build up and retain a highly professional, competent, and motivated workforce.

‘No more can employers afford to handle what should be their most valued asset with kid gloves. This book on People Management–is my contribution to the conversation on how today’s business owners and managers may attract, equip, and retain the workforce best fitted to their business performance needs.’


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People Management ebook Promotional Chapter