The Good Father


The world is at crossroads in many spheres of human existence. Without prejudice to race or religion, proof of lawlessness abounds in print and electronic media, the Internet, and on the streets – a clear consequence of degenerating moral, social, and cultural values. The family unit used to be the haven but is experiencing a high incidence of failure.
Divine illumination in God’s word solves every life challenge. ‘The Good Father’ is a journey into fundamental Biblical truth, it discusses practical ways to emulate Godly attributes for fathering success. It sets the tone for new beginnings, that fathers may impact positively on their lives, families, communities, and nations by resetting a moral infrastructure where Godly values flow through a chain of influence that starts with them. This book will: Restore, Repair, Recover, Renew, and Return the family unit to God’s original purpose for it.

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