Our objective is to support clients to identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas. Therefore, in partnership with other resource persons, we shall grant budding entrepreneurs – the next generation of influential business leaders – education, business support, mentorship, and financing, by matching the right advisor to their specific needs. We will help you take a clearly defined business vision from an idea to a problem-solving, value-adding, and therefore profit-making, business venture which imbibes customer-driven strategies to create enduring wealth.

Our model is the Word of God – the more excellent way. Like Jacob our start-ups and businesses will know how to multiply wealth; like Joseph, they will know how to save, invest, create abundance, and appropriate wealth to salt the earth. Like Daniel, they will have a quick understanding in all matters, and the ability to interpret business visions.

These will become the go-to persons for innovative problem-solving because they will have business management, financial intelligence, and administrative skills. They will be diligent at entrepreneurial and organizational development and equipped to devise technology-facilitated business success strategies. Because their wealth-management skills are enhanced, they will add immense value to their organization’s capabilities in serving its customer segments.

We simplify complexity for budding Entrepreneurs, Micro, and Small Businesses.
For more information and further engagement, send email to pile@enduringwealthcoach.com.

What Is Wealth?